• Grace Cannon

What to do about basement humid in summer?

Basement naturally gets wet and develops issues in summer. This is pretty normal, and it is the time when humidity is at its peak. The air gets dusty; stains develop in carpets, wood decays, and moisture droplets from the floor and walls. It depends on the moisture problem; the mold strips may include in the basement. All these undesirable effects will affect the quality of indoor life.

You can avoid these issues by moisture and resolve anything that upgrades basement humidity. If you are not sure about what to make with basement waterproofing or how to deal with the moisture situation. Keep reading; we discussed how moisture gets in this area and what you can do to stop it!

What are the reasons for basement humidity?

Basement humidity occurs, so do not worry about it. The reason your basement gets wet, the fact that it lies below the grade or ground. As a result, water can flow, and moisture can build or cross the level. Moreover, the water pipes can leak, and Chanel can make them moist. The same for the basement window; if any cracks in the foundation, the basement is unfinished, and the moisture situation could get worse

The warm air from the outside sweeps across the cold surfaces, the result is moisture droplets, and it looks like dew. But with complete guidance, you can act fast and cure the issues before they hurt your basement.

How does moisture get into the basement?

You apparently know about the things that can make the basement wet, but do you know how moisture gets in French drain installation?

The common ways:

  • Vapor dissemination:

The moisture moves upward through the foundation wall. Floors as vapor and get into the drier area of the basement. The amount of water and its filter depends on the porousness of the concrete and vapor pressure.

Another way is water gets in the basement by cracks from foundation or block structures. But basement waterproofing services join the floors and fix the damages to reduce this problem.

  • Capillary suction:

When the moisture and soil contact concrete mass or walls, the water is drawn through tiny pores in concrete. When it happens, the ring of dampness will form on the basement walls.

  • Air leakage:

When the warm air rises, it can induce negative pressure on the basement. In the process to draw the moist air through sumps or foundation cracks. Foundation Repair Knoxville covers all sump pits and seals the cracks, which helps to solve the problem.

How to control basement humidity?

The most probable solutions are:

  • Dehumidification:

If the basement seems dry, the liquid vapor can stay in the atmosphere for weeks and days. If the level of humidity is higher than 60%, get a basement dehumidifier with self-draining. It will suck out the vapor from the air and leave it dry!

  • Interior drainage:

  • Summer is not dry and hot.

  • There will be occasional rain.

  • It can raise the humidity level.

To stop water from entering and collecting the basement floor, and to get an interior drainage system like a gutter.

Combine with your sump pump or do downspout leader installation; it will never have to worry about flooding when the pump is outside.

  • Seal foundation cracks:

The cracks remain ignored, sure water vapor and liquid will pass through them and get to the basement.

  • Keep the windows closed:

The heat of the summer can make the environment hot and humid. So to open the window won't bring down the level of moisture. On the contrary, if you open it, it will increase the problem. But in the early morning, I must even open the window when the air is cool. Because the cold air carries less moisture.

  • Maintain gutters:

You will make sure to take care of the interior and exterior parts of the basement. Ensure your drainage system collects water through the pipes and keeps it away from home.

In final output:

Are you worried about summer humidity in your basement? Make a schedule with Guardian Foundation Repair, who inspect the basement waterproofing. The waterproofing expert of our foundation gives solid recommendations to lock the moisture!